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Welcome to our cheap cigarettes online shop! Cig007.com is an online cigarette store that is dedicated to serving you with top quality cigarettes and great service. Marilyn Monroe Smoking CigarettesOur staff is both efficient and qualified to serve all your tobacco and smoking needs. If you are searching for cheapest, discounted online cigarette stores look no further than cig007.com. We have one of the best internet prices for cigarettes compared to all other stores. Our Inventory of tobacco related products is huge and all our products are shipped fast and discrete to smokers across the globe.

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Regardless of what cigarette brand you use, we are sure to have what you need. cig007.com carries high quality discount cigarette that you will be pleased with. Our cigarette store has over 200 cigarette brands available for your convenience which includes Marlboro cigarette, Camel cigarette, Winston cigarette, Lucky Strike cigarette, Parliament cigarette and other cheap tobacco cigarettes brands.
Looking for American tobacco blends in USA and tired of paying enormous taxes? Our duty free shop is here at your service. We offer cheapest US brands, produced outside of the USA. Real American tobacco, but packaged in different country. Therefore - NO TAX! We will sell top quality, brand name cigarettes like Marlboro, Camel, Parliament, Winston, Chesterfield and more... online without any taxes or reporting to any authority - completely secure shopping. All of your purchases remain anonymous. We will never report it. Our cigarettes shipped to all 50 states and no tax authority will ever learn about your purchases! Quick shipping in discrete packaging. Quick delivery to all 50 states - 10 days at most. Tracking numbers provided. On top of that, we only accept Bitcoins as form of payment and no bank or any other entity will ever get involved in the process of you purchasing cigarettes at a fraction of the cost. If you don't know how to buy and pay with Bitcoins, we will give you step by step instructions on how to do that. Secure providers like www.coinbase.com allow you to buy/sell and pay with Bitcoins instantly and anonymously - no one will be able to obtain information on what you purchased. All you'll need to do is set up new account with www.coinbase.com which will require credit or debit card, US bank account and cell phone. It is very simple and quick process. You will be able to buy Bitcoins instantly. Remember buying from us will be very simple and easy. We will be doing everything we can to ensure your satisfaction. Our shipping is fast and most important we offer FREE SHIPPING on 6 or more cartons orders. Buying from us is safe! We ship in discrete packages all over the globe. Our customers come from different countries. From Australia to the United States, we ship cigarettes all day long. When you buy cigarettes from us, you will have it in your hands within 7 to 10 business days. Worry free, top quality tobacco, quick and free shipping - what else do you need?

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How to Pay?


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Please note that at this time we only accept Bitcoins as form of payment. Credit cards are passed - Bitcoins is future and future is now. Companies like Expedia.com, Overstock.com, Victoria’s Secret, Subway sandwich shop, Tesla Motors, Whole Foods, Zappos and many more accepting Bitcoins as a form of payment. Many merchants across the globe realizing that credit cards are no longer the best way to pay and begin to accept Bitcoins. Credit cards are not secure and extremely inconvenient to use. Anyone who can get your card number and address can replicate your card, change the name and use it as if it was you. You may have virus on your computer and hackers may read all your keys pressed in to the browser. You don't want that to happen. Credit cards are not safe, period! Remember issue with Target stores when hackers downloaded millions of credit and debit card numbers along with personal details.
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What type of cigarettes we sell?

Did you know that for example Philip Morris operates out of Kharkiv, Ukraine and employes over 1,000 local people. They sell cigarettes produced in Kharkiv to Europe, Asia and USA. We sell the exact same type of cigarettes, purchased from local distributors who get their supply from local tobacco manufacturers. Quality is the same as if you were to buy from your local store. Tobacco is premium quality and sold under strict standards of manufacturers, same as anywhere else in the world.


What about savings?


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When you buy cigarettes from us, we do not have to pay as much taxes in Ukraine as for example in USA. What you pay for a couple of packs in your state (depending on the state), we can sell you a carton for the same price. Let's calculate. For example, average price for a pack of Marlboro in New York City is around $15. Our wholesale price for a carton is $30. We sell you a carton - 10 packs for the price you pay for 2 packs in New York. You get 10 packs for the price of 2 if you buy from us.

Now savings, if you smoke 1 pack of Marlboro per day and you pay $15 per pack. Your yearly expense will be $15 x 365 days per year = $5,475. If you buy cigarettes from us, you save $12 per pack, because our pack will cost you $3. Technically, buying from us will save you $4380 annually - wow, that's nice car payment... If your entire family smokes, you will save $4380 per person per year.

Why would you need to buy cigarettes else where?

Is it legal to buy cigarettes online?

Well, lets think about it. Is it legal to buy cigarettes in another country? I think so... Is it legal to bring cigarettes to USA when you bought it in another country? I think so... Is it legal for your relative living in another country to mail few cartons to you? I think so... Is it illegal to posses cigarettes? Cigarettes are not controlled substance and sold next to all of the consumer products in any store.

In the United States there is Jenkins Act, which is preventing individuals from transferring tobacco products from one state to another - that's illegal and its a felony. This law also requires every entity participating in tobacco trade to get registered and licensed, pay taxes and follow strict regulations related to the tobacco trade. That law does not apply to companies operating in other countries. In our case it's Ukraine. We purchase our cigarettes from licensed distributors that pay taxes in Ukraine. When we mail it to you, it's pretty much the same scenario as if you were to buy cigarettes while flying internationally - 2 cartons tax free. When you arrive in USA, you fill out customs declaration that asks you if you bring any tobacco products. If you say yes, they ask you how many cartons and if you bring more than 2 cartons, you will simply have to pay tobacco tax upon entry to USA. In our case, when we mail cigarettes to you, it will get through the borders fine without any checks. The only illegal aspect of all that - taxes. If you receive more than 2 cartons within certain period of time, you must at your own discretion report it to tax authorities, fill out tax forms and mail a check for taxes. If you don't do that, that's when it is illegal.

Please note that content for this web site is written by ContenVania.com writers and authors.

More information is available at our FAQ and About Us sections of our web shop.

That's pretty much all you need to know about legality and quality of our cigarettes. Enjoy!

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Worldwide delivery

It does not matter if you are in the USA, Latin America, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Asia or Australia - we will ship brand name, top quality cigarettes to you with tracking number.

Free shipping

When you purchase 10 or more cartons of your favorite smokes - we pay for shipping... In return, you get enormous savings. Not only you get Free Shipping, we give you automatic quantity discounts. More you buy - more money you save and you never have to pay for shipping on 10 cartons or more orders.

Secure and Anonymous Shopping

When you buy from us, we do not take any credit cards, pay pal or bank accounts as form of payment. We take payments in Bitcoins only. Transactions are completely secure and anonymous, because no bank is attached to the transaction and nobody will ever find out what you are paying for. Bitcoins is the most secure and "faceless" way of paying for goods without item code.

Quality guarantee

We are in Ukraine. Where do you think your American cigarettes are produced - in Ukraine. Tobacco laws and taxes in Ukraine are very simple and many tobacco companies built production and packaging plants in Kharkiv, Ukraine area. You get exact same quality US blended tobacco as if you buy in USA, but for a lot less.